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  • 2015

    2nd Annual ACM at UCF TechDay Conference

    ​On February 20, 2015, we had our 2nd Annual TechDay Conference where we had: a panel of faculty and industry representatives that discussed research in academica versus industry; a company showcase; and tech talks on various topics in the technology world. 

    ​The event was from 9:00AM to 3:00PM and went pretty smoothly. The panel was very interesting for anyone interested in the possiblity of research. The TechTalks had topics on how to get into the industry and also some current innovations in the industry as well.

    We hope for future conferences that we can record the panel and most of the techtalks for those that can't make it to certain parts of the conference. 

    Companies that attended our conference are: ROI Revolution, Disti, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Harris Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Deloitte, Statefarm, Grooveshark, Pricision Infinity, and AgileSrc. 

    ​​​​The TechTalk topics were: 

    • "How Gaming Technology is Changing the Way Automakers Design Cars" by Scott Ariotti from Disti.
    • "Daily Development Practices for a Large Scale Service" by Nick Beato from Google.
    • "Facebook React Tech Talk" by Robert Bieber from Facebook.
    • "The Development of Windows 10" by Shane Chism and Matt Hyman from Microsoft.
    • "How to be a Happy, Succussful Developer in a Professional World" by Michael Adamission from Precision Infinity.
    • "Development at a Startup" by Colin Hostert from Grooveshark.

    Many thanks to all of the companies, faculty, and students that came to our event.




  • 2015

    ACM SIG Showcase

    ​We had a SIG Showcase in the Engineering 2 Atrium and it was all about the SIGs.

    Our SIGs:

    • SIGBED
    • SIGWEB
    • SIGAI
    • SIGITE
    • SIGCSE

    A couple of the SIGs brought demos. SIGBED brought a Raspberry Pi, SIGMOBILE brought mobile app demos and SIGGRAPH brought a Oculus Rift and a demo for it.​


  • 2015

    Fall 2014 in Review

    ​This last semester had plenty of changes. We added and got some traction with 3 *new* SIGS: SIGBED, SIGITE, and SIGWEB. 

    We also had changes in officers too. We bid our farewells to Daniel, our previous Club President, and inducted Elizabeth as our new Club President. We got a new Vice President (Ryan), and a new Secretary (Meena) along with new SIG Coordinators. 

    With the many changes in officer positions, the Fall 2014 semester started pretty rocky and ended the best it could. 

    ​Now that we are all starting to settle down and learn the ropes, progress can be made. The TechDay conference is on February 20th, our kickoff event is coming next Friday, February 6th and much more!

    The Spring 2015 semester awaits!​

    Some photos from Fall 2014:​



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